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Unmanned AGV forklift in the industrial automation

Author: DANBACH Date: 2021-03-12 source: Internet
Unmanned AGV forklift in the industrial automation
Name: Unmanned AGV forklift in the industrial automation
Introduction: "Unmanned AGV forklift" as one of the indispensable transportation equipment in the field of industrial automation, is widely used in various industries, mainly used to achieve complex handling management work
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Unmanned AGV forklift" as one of the indispensable transportation equipment in the field of industrial automation, is widely used in various industries, mainly used to achieve complex handling management work, mainly with high strength, strong flexibility, and adapt to various harsh conditions. Advantages of working in a complex environment. As the concept of "machines for people" becomes more and more widespread, the rigid demand for unmanned AGV forklifts has increased significantly, and market competition has become stronger and stronger.

Unmanned AGV forklift definition

Unmanned AGV forklift", also known as "smart AGV forklift", is a kind of intelligent unmanned truck. Through the application of unmanned AGV forklift, we can realize the handling of heavy goods, effectively accelerate work efficiency, and solve the problem well. This solves the problems of increasing the amount of logistics information in my country's industrial production, and the high intensity of labor relations in manual handling.

unmnned gv forklift

Advantages of unmanned AGV forklifts

With the improvement of my country's intelligent technology, the domestic intelligent control system can also dispatch hundreds of unmanned AGV forklifts at the same time. The forklifts adapt to the on-site environment through independent learning, and automatically build maps, plan appropriate paths, and achieve flexibility in the handling process. At the same time, the unmanned AGV forklift control system can seamlessly connect job scheduling, process management and other tasks to help enterprises quickly manage logistics and warehousing, and create a low-cost, fully intelligent, and highly efficient intelligent logistics warehousing.

The difference between unmanned AGV forklift and traditional forklift

The biggest difference between unmanned AGV forklifts and traditional forklifts is that they do not need to be driven by artificial intelligence and use different navigation information technologies to achieve 24-hour automatic control to complete various handling and transportation tasks. Compared with unmanned AGV forklifts and traditional forklifts:

1. Cost saving. It can be set in advance for the route. The unmanned AGV forklift will work according to the set route. There is no need for manual involvement in the handling process, and it can work continuously for 24 hours. Greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

2. High safety. Unmanned forklifts are more efficient, more stable, more accurate and safer than forklifts. It has multiple protection devices such as emergency contact safety device, automatic alarm device, emergency stop button device and object detector, which can avoid injury to workers and damage to warehouses, other equipment and buildings, and reduce work risks. When there are obstacles or pedestrians on the route, the vehicle will automatically stop or give way, reducing the bumps and damage related to handling, ensuring the good condition of material transportation to the designated location, and greatly reducing the uncertainty caused by manual forklifts.

3.stable and reliable. Since the unmanned forklift is very flexible, it can make full use of the existing space and site for transportation work when there are no obstacles on the ground. For example, some small items will not affect the work of unmanned forklifts, but if they are blocked by large items. Then it will turn on the safety device for autonomous obstacle avoidance, which also ensures that the unmanned forklift is stable and reliable during work and will not cause a large-scale shutdown.

In addition, unmanned AGV forklifts can also be used in some special environments, such as some high-risk industries and special industries, which will not be affected in severe cold or hot environments, including some work in poorly lit environments, etc.