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What problems can smart forklift agv solve?

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-03-04 source: Internet
What problems can smart forklift agv solve?
Name: What problems can smart forklift agv solve?
Introduction: the breakthrough of traditional warehousing operations - warehousing and intelligent people
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(I), the breakthrough of traditional warehousing operations - warehousing and intelligent people

Based on RFID technology in warehousing management and item tracking application, the warehousing procedure is unmanned, and the throughput of the warehousing center is increased. The material scheduling is tracked to realize visual scheduling. The inventory information can be collected in real time and automatically, and the inventory efficiency can be improved. And material inventory information accuracy.

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(II) Improvement of Logistics Management——Fleet Operation Performance Management

1. Make the forklift operation time and itinerary into daily report and monthly report. The management personnel perform performance appraisal on the forklift driver through the set of various factors "factors".

2. Provide department authority management. The manager can use the report to evaluate whether the forklift is fully used, balance the labor situation of the fork workshop, avoid excessive fatigue or excessive idleness of the forklift, and evaluate the forklift utilization rate. You can check the usage of the department forklift and calculate the forklift usage rate of each department.

(III) Logistics security guarantee - forklift safety escort

Real-time reflection of the forklift's running position, running status, overspeed and other information, so that the manager can control the overall situation, and can feedback the command or alarm information to the forklift driver; the distance sensor, light curtain protection device and fork can be installed on the vehicle body Top sensor to avoid collisions with the car body, cargo and people or other mobile units.

(IV). logistics path optimization - forklift positioning navigation

The position of the forklift with the positioning tag can be located in real time and displayed on the monitoring map to promote the optimal logistics path. The forklift drives into an illegal area to generate an alarm; it queries the movement track of a forklift for a specified period of time, and which area the forklift has been to during this time period.

(V). Optimization of Logistics Scheduling——Forklift Intelligent Dispatching System

According to the handling task, the automatic scheduling of the control is realized, and the instruction is automatically dispatched to the forklift; the forklift is dispatched in real time according to the degree of busyness, and the manager is prompted when the work is tight in some areas, so that it can know the situation and dispatch the forklift to support from other areas.