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Functional application of AGV handling robot

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-03-12 source: Internet
Functional application of AGV handling robot
Name: Functional application of AGV handling robot
Introduction: Handling robot agv,The actual operation of the handlin robot is a robot. The development of the robot is increasingly recognized for its active role
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Handling robot agv

The actual operation of the handling robot is a robot. The development of the robot is increasingly recognized for its active role: it can partially replace the manual operation; it can complete the transfer of the workpiece according to the procedure, time and position according to the requirements of the production process. Loading and unloading.

The handling robot can operate the necessary welding and assembly tools, greatly improving the working conditions of workers, significantly increasing labor productivity and accelerating the mechanization of industrial production. The pace of automation. Therefore, it has attracted the attention of many countries and invested a lot of manpower and resources for research and application. Especially in high temperature, high pressure, dust, noise and radioactive pollution, the application range is wider. In recent years, China has also developed rapidly and achieved certain results, which has received the attention of the machinery industry.

agv handling robot

Machine handling robot

At present, in the machine tool processing industry, the processing precision is high and the batch processing speed is fast, which can greatly improve the automation degree of the production line. The first point is to carry out a full range of automatic processing of the machine tool so that personnel are free from use and the handling robot is currently on the machine. The industry is gradually being used in large quantities, including CNC lathe robots, CNC punching machines, and CNC machining center loading and unloading robots.

When dealing with large parts such as vertical load on the hub, the load can reach tens of kilograms. The number of such workpieces is large and the machine is running for nearly 24 hours. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, robots have been used for automatic loading and unloading. Different hand grip systems are used depending on the shape and processing of the machined part.