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The development direction of AGV forklift

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-05-23 source: Internet
The development direction of AGV forklift
Name: The development direction of AGV forklift
Introduction: The AGV forklift is an industrial handling robot that combines flexibility and rigidity. It plays an indispensable role in the logistics
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The AGV forklift is an industrial handling robot that combines flexibility and rigidity. It plays an indispensable role in the logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and other industries with the aim of improving the efficiency and service of the production process and reducing labor costs. Nowadays, it has been widely used in various industries, and the market is gradually expanding. It is difficult to meet the individual needs with traditional technology. For this reason, AGV forklifts are facing higher requirements. In the future, where should the AGV forklift develop?

agv forklift development

1. Large size and high speed

Large-scale refers to the increasing size and capacity of equipment. High-speed means that the running speed, running speed, recognition speed and calculation speed of the equipment are greatly accelerated. In the future, AGV forklifts should be upgraded in terms of load and lift, and upgrade in terms of operating speed, but the premise is to ensure the reliability and safety of the products.

2. practical and lightweight

Since the AGV forklift is used in general-purpose applications, the operation is determined by the line beat, so it should be easy to use, easy to maintain, operate, durable, trouble-free and economical, as well as high safety, reliability and Environmentally friendly. Taking into account the comprehensive benefits, the future AGV forklifts can be partially adjusted in terms of simplifying the structure and optimizing the performance and structure of the forklift.

3. Specialization and standardization

With the diversity of production processes, the variety of AGV forklifts is increasing and constantly updated. The systematicity, consistency, economy, mobility and speed of handling activities require some AGV manufacturers to develop in the direction of generalization and standardization.

4. complete and systematic

The production process is the most efficient and economical only when the complete set of equipment that makes up the production system is matched. On the basis of the AGV forklift, through its central control system, it seamlessly interfaces with other systems such as MES, ERP, RFID, etc., to coordinate and cooperate to exert the best effect of the entire production process. To this end, complete sets and systemization have broad prospects for development.