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Pay attention to the security issues of AGV car

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-10-24 source: Internet
Pay attention to the security issues of AGV car
Name: Pay attention to the security issues of AGV car
Introduction: Security issues must be considered before the AGV system is installed
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Security issues must be considered before the AGV system is installed. The goal is two. One is to prevent collision between vehicles or between vehicles and personnel. The second is that when the collision avoidance system fails, the main safety equipment should immediately stop the vehicle and wait for manual intervention to resume.

The safety system must be in place at the beginning of the system installation.

Security devices can be divided into fixed devices and mobile devices. Fixed devices usually make up so-called system-level components. Includes blocking system, and device layout. Mobile devices, including vehicles, must follow a series of rules such as load capacity, center of gravity, speed, and so on. Before using the AGV system, the user must be trained in the use of the safety system.

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There are many types of traffic control and collision avoidance systems. The simplest is to install anti-collision buffers in front of the vehicle and keep the speed below a certain value. Once it hits, the vehicle stops until the resistance disappears. The other is the area blockage, which separates different areas on the rail, and the vehicle can enter the area only if there is no car on the next area. The vehicle sensor is detected by a ground-sensing coil under the rail. This approach typically uses a programmable controller to implement the associated logic control. More advanced is the computer area blocking, similar to the regional blocking principle, but more complicated. The computer monitors the position of all vehicles and monitors the gaps between the vehicles.

The layout of the workshop should consider the width of the vehicle passage, the distance from the pedestrian passage, the distance to the equipment in the workshop, and so on. The detection of the vehicle should include speed detection, load detection, and prevention of injury. Related optical sensing and ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect vehicle spacing.

As people's requirements for productivity increase, the demand for AGV is also growing, and AGV technology will be more widely used.