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AGV car system in the automotive industry

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-01-16 source: Internet
AGV car system in the automotive industry
Name: AGV car system in the automotive industry
Introduction: Automated guided vehicles (Automated Guided Vehicle) are commonly referred to as AGVs and Automated Guided Vehicle Systems are commonly referred to as AGVSs. AGV is a driverless van, It can follow the instructions issued by the monitoring system, acc
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  Automated guided vehicles (Automated Guided Vehicle) are commonly referred to as AGVs and Automated Guided Vehicle Systems are commonly referred to as AGVSs. AGV is a driverless van,

  It can follow the instructions issued by the monitoring system, according to the pre-designed program, in accordance with the location of the vehicle sensor to determine the location, along the prescribed driving route and docking position automatically. AGVS by the central monitoring system, AGV, communications systems,

  Ground guidance system, loading and unloading stations and their transfer devices, charging stations and other components. Automatic guided vehicle system is widely used in warehouses, factories, terminals, airports in the automated warehousing systems, flexible processing, flexible assembly system to achieve logistics automation. This article will explain my company's production of various types of applications in the automotive industry.

  AGVS main technical indicators and performance characteristics. In recent years, major domestic automobile manufacturers have stepped up their investment in technology and technological innovation in the field of assembly of automobiles and assemblies, and made notable progress in production organization, information management and logistics technology of automobile assembly.

  Nowadays, the general trend of automobile manufacturing technology is: flexible, smart, intelligent and informatization. Around the trend of this technology, all major automobile manufacturers in China apply various types of AGV technology in the technology of automobile assembly and test. AGV is one of the key equipment in modern logistics system. Battery-driven and non-contact guidance, AGV can be equipped with different transfer mechanisms according to actual needs to complete corresponding operation tasks.

  Today, more and more automotive manufacturers apply AGV technology to their assembly lines and logistics operations. Therefore, the domestic market has emerged suitable for automotive assembly line and engine assembly line tape guidance AGV system for the assembly of the car assembly and engine, transmission assembly, thus replacing the traditional chain or conveyor mode. The AGV system is also capable of meeting the needs of assembly line mixed-flow operations and the customization of individual vehicle-specific product sizes in the future.

  AGV system as a car, engine assembly line of subsystems, the host computer can be controlled by the appropriate communication module and the production line control system for communication connection. General AGV control system is divided into two parts of the host control and AGV stand-alone control, the control layer interface is clear, the control function is clear, the structure is clear.

  In general, the AGV host control system is responsible for tasks (loading and unloading operations, charging, etc.) generation, vehicle scheduling, traffic management, communication management and visualization monitoring; AGV stand-alone control system based on the task of the host system to complete AGV stand-alone navigation / guidance calculation , Vehicle drive and automatic loading and unloading work (usually in the automobile assembly line manual handling). In the assembly line of vehicles, the task of AGV is executed sequentially. There are no optimization processes for AGV vehicle scheduling and traffic management. Therefore, the number of AGVs depends on the manufacturer's production capacity and AGV's own operation speed independently of the system optimization scheduling . The AGV and its control system developed by Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. adopts a variety of precise navigation technologies to ensure the rapid operation and precise positioning of the AGV. The AGV and the control system enable all-around free walking and automatic safety avoidance in the working area. Since 1992, this product has been used in a large scale in the automotive industry to realize the automated flexible assembly of engine, rear axle, gearbox and other parts and their auto parts delivery as well as the assembly of engine and rear axle assembly and bodywork Dynamic assembly.