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Industrial Robot Applications

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-03-16 source: Internet
Industrial Robot Applications
Name: Industrial Robot Applications
Introduction: 工业机器人是面向工业领域的多关节机械手或多自由度的机器人。工业机器人是自动执行工作的机器装置,是靠自身动力和控制能力来实现各种功能的一种机器。它可以接受人类指挥,
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Industrial Robot Applications

Industrial robots are multi-joint robots or multi-degree-of-freedom robots for industrial applications. Industrial robots are machines that automate the operation of a machine that is capable of achieving various functions by its own power and control. It can accept human command, can also be run in accordance with pre-programmed procedures, modern industrial robots can also be based on artificial intelligence technology to develop the principles of action.
Industrial Robot Applications
Danbach Robot can provide users with a variety of industrial robot applications, and users can tailor the robot system as a whole solution. System integration The use of brand partners of the robot ontology products and outsourcing function unit, combined with the company's own design of various mobile institutions, positioning / fixed system, functional hand and sensor control system and its software, can become a specific task function system. Can achieve a unique customer tasks and functional requirements: welding, assembly, spraying, handling, palletizing and so on. Applicable to a variety of artificial incompetence or the use of human security is not safe and uneconomical occasions. The system can be a separate robot workstation, can also be through the host computer management, multiple coordination operations and even with other manufacturing systems or assembly system to form a complete robot automatic manufacturing assembly system.
Industrial Robot Applications
Danbach robot system is widely used in the process industry, basic energy industry, automobile manufacturing, electronic communications, machinery, logistics, home appliances, industrial appliances, food and beverage and other fields. Through the application of industrial robots to shorten the handling time and waiting time, improve labor rates and product quality, reduce labor intensity, promote the quality of enterprise technology upgrades, help enterprises to expand market share.