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Wisdom factory

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-07-06 source: Internet
Wisdom factory
Name: Wisdom factory
Introduction: Wisdom factory
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Wisdom factory characteristics

"Wisdom factory" development, is the new direction of the development of intelligent industry. Features reflected in the production:
1, the system has the ability to: can collect and understand the outside world and their own information, and the analysis of their own behavior.
2, the overall practice of visual technology: combined with signal processing, reasoning prediction, simulation and multimedia technology, the reality of the display of real life in the design and manufacturing process.
3, coordination, reorganization and expansion of the characteristics: the system commitment to each group can be based on the task, to form the system structure.
4, self-learning and maintenance capabilities: through the system self-learning function, in the manufacturing process to implement the database to add, update, and automatically perform troubleshooting, and have the troubleshooting and maintenance, or notify the implementation of the system capacity. 5, man-machine coexistence of the system: man-machine between the coordination and cooperation between each other, each in different levels complement each other.


Danbach wisdom factory solution advantage

Through the Danbach smart card, access to all aspects of factory equipment, real-time data, seamless docking MES, ERP and other management systems, so that the factory from the procurement, production, sales and other aspects of horizontal and vertical integration. Enabling people and people, people and machines, machines and machines, as well as services and services can be interconnected, in order to achieve horizontal, vertical and point-to-point high integration. The factory environment and equipment to implement a comprehensive monitoring, so that enterprises adapt to multi-product flexible production, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of machine production machinery.