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Digital factory

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-03-06 source: Internet
Digital factory
Name: Digital factory
Introduction: Digital factory is based on the physical factory, with advanced information technology as a way to build a real factory virtual reality simulation.
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Digital factory introduction

Digital factory is based on the physical factory, with advanced information technology as a way to build a real factory virtual reality simulation. To achieve the product life cycle design, manufacturing, assembly, quality control and testing of various stages of the function, the production planning, management, diagnosis and optimization, in order to achieve the plant's high efficiency, low cost, high quality. And efficient, fast, flexible, it is the digital enterprise for the manufacturing industry to bring the change.

In the digital factory production mode, the process design by the computer-aided digital simulation and optimization to complete, instead of long-standing manual, the formation of accurate and reliable design results. ERP system to the quality management, production performance, compliance, product score and life cycle management to provide business analysis report for the management of a comprehensive and accurate grasp of production data to provide a strong information security. In the control layer, the MES system realizes real-time control of the production status, rapid processing of material shortages in the manufacturing process, equipment failure, lack of personnel and other anomalies, record the key technical data of each product, greatly enhanced product traceability. In the executive layer, a variety of industrial robots, mobile robots and intelligent equipment will be replaced by artificial production, significantly improve production accuracy and product quality stability. And smart manufacturing coincide, digital factory for intelligent manufacturing to provide the basic conditions. Digital plants start from the data collection, through the information technology means to store, process, analyze and present the data, and thus feedback to the production.

Digital factory

Digital factory outlook

Digital factory (digital factory) as a digital construction of the material carrier, supporting the performance of the design through the material processing and construction of the realization process. Through the mechanical arm, CNC machine tools, CNC molds to achieve accurate processing of digital factories, can complete the complex logic of the body processing, thus forming a performance, material properties as the starting point of the precise manufacturing of high efficiency, high quality construction mode. 

     The development of a good construction model can not be separated from respect for technology. Digital construction As a frontier architectural design and construction technology, the need for protection and sharing of toolkit patents. (Omitted) "custom C2B" era of the arrival of digital construction more competitive. Digital construction specialization frees people from repetitive work, can respond more quickly and cheaply to the needs of the market, and efficiently meet the individual requirements.

Multi-type, multi-expert participation in the digital construction because of the involvement of the Internet, in the distribution of a wide range of characteristics. Based on the information platform of the whole industry communication, will make digital construction as "Internet + building industry," a typical example of the case. At the end of the digital plant production, all the design work can be through the digital model, simulation and virtual construction process in the Internet collaborative work platform. People from the geographical constraints of the liberation of the global material suppliers, manufacturers, designers can be shared in a virtual platform technology and design, while the design of Party A can also be actively involved in the design process, so that the design Can better meet the needs of the use.