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Robotic arm proposals and quotation

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-04-27 source: Internet

If you want to konw more details of our industrial robotic arm.We will  send  you our robotic arm proposals and quotation.

Robotic arm proposals and quotation
Please give mr the general information about your product and process as below:
1. What is your pipes dimensions and weight? Diameter: 150mm, Height: 250mm
2. What is the speed you need? It will take around 25 seconds from load to unload
3. What is the space you can leave for the whole work cell? Please review attached drawing for details
4. Can your two press machines position be moved if the project need? Yes, elbow machines can be adjusted accordingly. Please send us your foot print, we will further discuss.
5. What's the weight of your product? We have two kinds – 60 g and 80 g
6. What's the material of your product? Aluminum

We supply AGV car, industrial robot and industrial 4.0 card. If you want to konw more. Please mail to