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Danbach counter balance forklift AGV core advantage

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-07-18 source: Internet

The counter balance forklift AGV is constructed by a drive/steer front wheel and 2 directional wheels. They are suitable for transporting materials such as pallets, boxes or paper rolls and can accommodate load units of different sizes. The balanced heavy forklift type AGV has many advantages such as stable function, reliable operation and high cost performance, and can realize the lifting and carrying work of empty pallets, full pallets and paper rolls.

balance forklift agv
The working principle of laser navigation AGV is to pre-position the reflector with a certain interval in the workplace. The AGV in operation emits laser light through the rotating laser head of the vehicle. After one week of laser scanning, it shines on the launching board and the laser returns to the original path. The reflection angle of a series of launching plates can be calculated to calculate the coordinates of the center of the laser rotation. Calculated by the on-board controller, the location of the transport vehicle is obtained, so that the goods are delivered to the destination according to the planned route;
Five advantages of the Danbach balance forklift AGV core:
1, the factory direct AGV car, cost-effective;
2. Independent research and development of equipment, with professional and experienced R&D team;
3. Provide AGV overall solution, follow up customer needs, and provide non-standard customization;
4, has a professional pre-sale, sale, after-sales service team;
5. Always follow the principle of customer first and advanced technology.