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The Advantages of Danbach 6 axis automatic welding robot

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-05-28 source: Internet

Welding robots are industrial robots that specialize in welding, cutting and painting. With the development of science and technology, welding robot has been widely used in all walks of life.

Currently, 6 axis automatic welding robots have been widely used in automobile manufacturing, automotive chassis, seat frames, guide rails, mufflers, and torque converters, and have been widely used in automobile chassis welding production.

welding robots

Welding robots have the following advantages when working:

1) The use of human intelligence enables the system to be flexible to tasks and does not require special study of dedicated equipment to allow welding maintenance tasks to be completed in a timely manner;

2) The long-distance operation capability of the operator is utilized to increase the utilization ratio of the operator in a special environment;

3) The operator's welding knowledge and operating techniques can be utilized to complete welding operations that cannot be achieved with a dedicated automatic device.

Danbach 6 axis automatic welding robot uses advanced RV reducer and AC servo motor, making the robot manipulator almost a maintenance-free system. The automatic welding robot is characterized by the fact that the 6 axis automatic welding task is determined in advance, and it is a relatively low-level control form from the control point of view. Generally, no simple or sensitive sensing means is used or the interface for participating in the control is not provided.