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What role can AGV forklift play in warehouse?

Author: DANBACH Date: 2020-12-26 source: Internet

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and storage technology, it can be called "big data" in China.

AGV forklift in warehouse

To build an intelligent warehouse, we need to design and plan the layout, configuration, facilities and operation process of the whole warehouse.

·Make full use of warehouse space to expand storage capacity

·The goods on the warehouse shelf are clear at a glance, easy to operate and stable

·Centralized management, equipped with a variety of handling equipment, orderly

What changes can stereoscopic warehouse bring to enterprises

The system simplifies the storage of multi item goods, provides more intensive storage space for goods, and uses the system to guide the access of goods.

·Save factory area, directly save human resources

·Independent warehouse management system to eliminate management loopholes

·Prevent the loss of goods, check the inventory immediately

·Strengthen order efficiency and improve company image.

warehouse agv forklift

AGV forklift safety system

Ultra high security mechanism, front 3D scanning, side radar protection, rear narrow wave detection. The system will analyze the trajectory of each cycle of AGV, predict the AGV that may collide on each segment, and avoid processing in advance. Double system control, two systems control the operation of AGV at the same time, no matter what the problem will not affect each other!

·360 ° no dead angle is the foundation

·Front three dimensional protection is innovation

·Intelligent soft collision avoidance is the guarantee

·Redundant control system is the bottom line

Automatic charging system

Intelligent automatic charging station, AGV 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, AGV automatic charging to ensure AGV power supply. The automatic charging station can exchange data with AGV vehicle through wireless network to realize intelligent battery management.

·The body is powered by a 40V / ah lithium battery

·The automatic intelligent charging device is composed of automatic charging pile and intelligent automatic charging station

·AGV vehicle can realize intelligent and flexible charging;

·The charging station is responsible for calculating the charging operation of AGV car.