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Visual navigation technology has attracted the attention of the AGV industry

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-04-23 source: Internet

Navigation has always been the core technology of smart car AGV, magnetic stripe navigation, laser navigation, two-dimensional code navigation, natural navigation and other technologies. Recently, visual navigation has moved from the background to the foreground, causing the attention of the AGV industry.

visual navigation agv

Visual navigation captures image information through a visual camera to obtain the position, direction and other environmental information of the moving object in space, and processes the obtained information with a certain algorithm to establish an environmental model to find an optimal or similar The optimal collision-free path enables safe movement and arrival at the destination.

In visual navigation technology, there are two key points - vision cameras and artificial intelligence algorithms, the former is mainly used to obtain environmental information, while the latter is used to analyze data and extract feature quantities, so as to provide decision-making basis for the next action. In the car unmanned, the visual system replaces the laser navigation, which seems to be a bit of a sense of fullness and reality, but in the navigation application of the AGV industry, there is still a certain market.

Compared with the unmanned driving of the car, the technical difficulty of the visual navigation technology is that the algorithm of the ranging is good enough to be accurate and accurate, and the visual navigation has higher requirements for illumination, and the visual navigation technology has defects in these two aspects. It does not affect the application of the AGV car in internal logistics, because the AGV car is slower and easier to locate than the unmanned car, and for internal logistics, it is very simple to solve the problem of light.