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AGV-Unmanned Handling Car

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-04-19 source: Internet

AGV, which is what we usually call an unmanned van, also known as an AGV car, is called Automated Guided Vehicle, or AGV for short. As for why is it called an unmanned van? Because it uses automatic guidance devices such as electromagnetic or optical, there are now more advanced SLAM technologies. You can travel along the designated guide route.

It is a handling cart that does not require the driver to drive during transportation and has various functions such as safety protection, obstacle avoidance, and load. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. Now you can control the driving route and modify the route through the computer, or use the electromagnetic track (or magnetic strip) to set the driving route. The magnetic strip is only stuck on the floor, no need to slot the floor, and not damage the customer's current environment. The construction is simple and convenient, and the unmanned transport vehicle performs driving and other actions according to the information brought by the magnetic strips adhered on the ground.

unmanned handling agv

Advantages of AGV:

1. It has a high degree of automation;

Generally, the current AGV is mainly composed of an automatic guided vehicle, an AGV central management system, a dispatching system, a monitoring system, and a smart charging system. The AGV trolley operation is under the management and monitoring of the AGV central management and monitoring system. The trolley selects the optimal route as planned according to the requirements of the operation task, and accurately walks and stops at the designated location to complete a series of operation instructions; Unloading, etc.

2. automatic charging;

When the power of the AGV car is about to run out, or when it reaches a value (generally a value is set in advance), it will send a request command to the system to request charging, and automatically charge itself when the system allows it.

3. beautiful, improve the degree of appreciation, thereby improving the image of the company.

4. convenient, reduce the floor space; AGV trolleys in the production workshop can shuttle back and forth in various workshops.