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Various types of spray industrial robot,automotive spray industrial robots

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-06-07 source: Internet

Spraying industrial robots mainly consists of an industrial robot body, a computer, and a corresponding control system. The more advanced spray industrial robot wrist uses a flexible wrist, which can be bent in all directions and can be turned. Its movement is similar to a person's wrist, and can easily penetrate the interior of the workspace through a small hole to spray the inner surface.

spary painting robot

At present, the spray industrial robots supplied on the market can be broadly classified into the following categories: According to whether they have the function of moving horizontally along the running direction of the body conveyor chain, they are divided into rail-mounted and fixed-mounted industrial robots; depending on the installation position, Divided into floor type and cantilever type industrial robots. Floor-standing industrial robots have the advantage of being easy to maintain and clean. Rail-mounted industrial robots have the advantage of a relatively large working range. The cantilever type industrial robot can reduce the width of spray booth and reduce the energy consumption.

Different painting industrial robots have different effective sizes for touching paint due to the limitations of parameters such as joint freedom and arm length. In the automotive coating process, the application of spray industrial robots has become more and more widespread. The significant advantage is that it can simultaneously produce multiple models on the same production line to increase the automation and production efficiency of the coating. The quality of painting robots on the market is not the same. The selection of high-quality painting robots can be used to paint better.