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Transform smart spray painting robot production line to increase efficiency

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-06-07 source: Internet

The intelligent spray robot production line has the flexibility of system operation, saves paint, and reduces product manufacturing costs. If such a good smart spray robot production line can be effectively transformed, it is of extraordinary significance to increase production efficiency.

spray painting robot

Smart spray robot production line has the advantages of small size, strong anti-interference ability and flexible configuration. Smart spray robot production line transformation includes: environmental transformation (air shower, air supply system) and spray automation.

1, Air shower

Smart spray robot production line to achieve automatic infrared sensor blowing, showering when the two doors should be automatically locked, ensure that only one of the doors can be opened normally, from the entrance into the clean area when the infrared sensor automatically after the shower, from the clean area out When the air shower room does not blow. The air shower should take air from the room and it is not allowed to take air from the outside.

2, Air supply system

Improve the coating operation environment of the intelligent spray robot production line, improve product coating quality, and ensure the stability, safety, and economy of the equipment system operation, establish a clean coating operation environment that absorbs fresh air and fresh air, and realize automatic spraying. Reduce personnel involvement and personal injury, improve the level of coating technology, establish a benchmark for clean production, automatic coating production.

3, Spraying automation

Intelligent spraying robot production line spraying automation is completely digital computer operation, can store data parameters, humanized graphical display interface. Spraying automation is debugging is not simple, the general workpiece debugging completed in 15 minutes, to avoid the previous cumbersome list of procedures can improve product quality and efficiency.