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Difference between palletizing robot and ordinary palletizer

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-05-26 source: Internet

In simple terms, palletizing robots should be part of a palletizer. However, compared with ordinary palletizers, there are some obvious differences between the two.

The common palletizing machine mainly adopts a series of actions such as pallet transport and some other tasks such as pallet transport. The robot codec relies mainly on the manipulator above the device for palletizing, which means that the robot above the device makes the palletizing robot better than the ordinary palletizer. Compared to ordinary palletizers, palletizing robots have some unique advantages. The flexibility of palletizing robots is better, especially for products that are more adaptable and can be palletized in a wider range and with greater efficiency. In particular, some automated production lines require palletizing robots.

palletizer robot

Of course, some industrial packaging industries, logistics and warehousing industries, as well as various industrial production industries, need to use ordinary palletizing machines. Because the palletizing machines are stupid and inefficient, they are slowly replaced by palletizing robots. It can also improve the efficiency of the company's palletizing, and it can also reduce the company's palletizing costs.

In fact, whether it is a palletizing robot or an ordinary palletizing machine, it can become an effective assistant in the production line of enterprise code machines. This not only improves the company's palletizing efficiency, but also improves the company's production and sales efficiency. It also has a direct impact on the improvement of the company’s production efficiency.

However, compared with ordinary palletizing machines and palletizing robots, palletizing robots are sure to provide more efficient production. With the continuous development of palletizing robots, more and more companies will choose palletizing robots in the future.