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The advantages of Danbach painting robots compared to conventional spraying

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-06-22 source: Internet

With the continuous development and improvement of modern spraying technology, the reform of sprayer technology is also ongoing, and the requirements for automated industrial production are gradually increasing. The principle of safe production, environmental protection production, and so on, and the emergence of painting robots have become inevitable. , And this high-tech spraying equipment can also meet the requirements of various workpieces.

painting robot

1. Compared with ordinary manual spraying, the spraying painting robot has higher spraying quality

The painting spray robot sprays precisely on the trajectory, with no deflection and perfect control of the gun start. To ensure the specified spray thickness, the deviation is kept to a minimum.

2. Compared with ordinary manual spraying, using spray painting robot to save spray paint and spray

Spraying by spray robots can reduce the waste of spray and spray painting, prolong the filter life, reduce the mud ash content of the spray booth, significantly lengthen the working time of the filter, and reduce the fouling of the spray booth. Increase delivery level by 30%!

3. the use of spray robot spray can have better process control

High-quality spray robot control software allows users to control all spray parameters, such as electrostatic charge, atomization area, fan width, and product pressure.

spray painting robot

4. Use spray robot to spray more flexibility

Spraying with a spray robot can spray products with complex geometries or different sizes and colors. In addition, a simple programming system allows automated production of small batches of workpieces. After the initial production, the robotic painting line can be updated at any time.

5. The obvious advantage of using spraying robots for spraying is increasing productivity.

Spraying robots are used to reduce the rate of spraying defective parts and manual touch-up. At the same time, the over-spraying is reduced without subsequent processing such as grinding and polishing. The painting spraying parameters can be modified without stopping the production line. Moreover, the robots are highly reliable, have an extremely long average time between failures, and can work continuously for many shifts per day.