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Food packaging - demolition code palletizer robot

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-01-19 source: Internet

The food industry has high requirements for material handling equipment. This is because some locations are very demanding, such as dairy plants, bakeries and breweries, where equipment is often exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture, humidity, dust and detergents.

packaging palletizer robot

In addition, these devices must maintain high speed and precision to keep up with the pace of high-speed production lines, while also being easy to clean to avoid environmental pollution or food. Regardless of the challenges you face in food handling, Danbach has the products and technologies to solve the problem.

Danbach 4-axis palletizer robots can perform a wide range of tasks in the food production and packaging sectors, such as in the processing of baked goods, grain boxes, dairy boxes and sweet filling trays. The system involves multiple processes for sorting, placing, arranging and transferring single items and final packaging.

This multi-axis sports food processing is particularly suitable for the application of Danbach's total solution. Danbach palletizing robots are optimized for multi-part, multi-axis motion applications with design expertise and one-stop delivery. This speeds time to market and gives the system outstanding uptime.