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Danbach AGV is used in the field of logistics warehouse and services

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-06-01 source: Internet

1, logistics warehouse

AGV is mainly used in the field of warehousing and logistics for intelligent picking, displacement and transshipment of goods in storage systems, as well as assisting the export and storage of modern cars in the stereoscopic garages, as well as transporting containers such as port terminals and airports.


So, at this time, the AGV can call it as follows:

Stereoscopic garage: AGV.

Storage System: Warehouse AGV or Warehouse Logistics Robot

Port Terminal Airport: Logistics AGV

2, service area

AGVs in service areas are well differentiated. Naming methods are unified with other fields. Most of them are based on direct use. The current markets mainly include: cleaning robots, catering robots, home robots, welcome robots, shopping guide robots, medical robots, etc. .

Remarks: Service robots generally have human-machine interaction functions such as face recognition and voice recognition. They can implement welcome numbers, consultation and reception, information inquiry, business guidance, and item delivery through the loading of cameras, trays, and smart touch screen interfaces. Businesses are now widely used in restaurants, banks, medical services, government departments, hotels, shopping malls and other related industries to replace or partially replace employees for corresponding services.