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Danbach loading and unloading robot system application field

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-05-29 source: Internet

Loading and unloading robots can meet requirements such as "rapid/batch processing cycles," "saving labor costs" and "increasing production efficiency", becoming an ideal choice for more and more factories. The combination of loading and unloading robots (robots) and CNC machine tools can realize all the processes such as automatic workshop grabbing, feeding, material feeding, card loading, and processing, which can greatly save labor costs and increase production efficiency.

loading robots application

The robot loading and unloading robot system mainly includes a 6-DOF Robot, a robot gripper, a positioning system, a transition platform positioning system, a changing table and other auxiliary equipment. With the increasing of labor cost, the application of automatic loading and unloading production lines is becoming more and more widespread. Based on this system, the development of corresponding grippers can be carried out for other products, and the automatic loading and unloading production line can be completed. The mechanical grippers of robot systems adopt pneumatic mechanical structures. The two-hand claw and single-handed claw are used, which are safe, reliable, and have no missing parts. They can achieve power-off and air-clamping.

The main features of the Danbach loading and unloading robot are as follows:

1. It can realize automatic loading/unloading of workshop such as discs, long shafts, irregular shapes, metal plates, etc., workshop turnover, and workshop transfer sequence.

2. does not rely on the machine controller to control, the manipulator uses an independent control module, does not affect the machine tool operation.

3. good rigidity, smooth operation, very convenient maintenance.

4. optional: independent silo design, silo independent automatic control.

5. optional: independent assembly line.

When gripping the workshop , the gripper grips by friction force and clamping force. At the same time, the positioning pin assists in positioning the workshop . When the gripping surface is a blank surface, the gripping block floats to adapt to the casting deviation of the workshop profile. It can be widely used in machinery manufacturing, military industry, aerospace industry, food and drug production and other industries.