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The advantages of Intelligent palletizing robot control system

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-06-26 source: Internet

The intelligent palletizing robot control system builds a three-dimensional model of the carriage through industrial cameras and laser scanning, automatically planning precise paths, real-time dynamic monitoring, automated control of rail movements, and manipulator grabbing of goods to achieve orderly conveyance of the materials and precise positioning. Crawl, automatic shipment, etc. improve the reliability, safety, and stability of automatic loading, maximize production efficiency, and reduce work risks.

palletizing robot

Smart palletizing robot system advantages:

1, is not subject to type, size limit

2, regardless of stack height, high work efficiency

3, palletizing, high precision, high space utilization

4, The palletizing process can be traced back, result evaluation, data review

5, saving labor costs, cost advantages will become increasingly prominent

6, flat management of timeliness, project management advantages

Smart bag-packing palletizing robots are specifically designed to palletize and unpack palletized products. Carton palletizing robots are used more often in food, feed, cement, and other bags.