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Industrial robots combined with CNC machine used in China manufacturing

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-05-24 source: Internet

Industrial robots participate in the machining and manufacturing of machine tool components to achieve automation, special machine tools serve the precision machining of special reducers for robots, and improve the quality of processing technology and mass production efficiency, etc., and have great room for fusion and development. The company's strategic cooperation, robotics companies can use the manufacturing and process technology capabilities of machine tool manufacturers to achieve the following goals:

1. Body-casting and speed reducer structural parts for robots, jointly researching batch precision manufacturing technology, improving mass production capacity and technology level of robots, conquering reliability and consistency technology, and achieving efficient, stable and precise beat production.

2, for robotic tooling, fixtures, machine production line integration capabilities, with the help of the majority of machine tool factory terminal customers channel resources, commissioned to promote the use of robots.

industrial robot

3. Research and development of China industrial robots that are urgently needed for automatic and flexible production of machine tools and production lines for cutting and parts handling, scraping, chamfering, polishing, welding, and spraying (powder). Machine tool companies and China industrial robot companies jointly develop, Realize the automatic processing of the whole machine parts and promote the improvement of the machine tool manufacturing technology level.

4. The key components of the mechanical robot body of China industrial robots, such as turntables, booms, boxes, support sleeves, jibs, and wrists, etc., require high dimensional accuracy and form-position tolerances, as well as mechanical processing equipment, fixtures, and quantities. Checking tools and so on have high requirements; the structural optimization and processing of key components such as cycloid  gear housing, planetary pin wheel, eccentric shaft and planet carrier of the robot reducer.

At present, China Industrial robot,China's processing equipment, assembly processes, and precision testing have yet to be improved. If the use of China's CNC machine and tools to complete the relevant processing, it will help improve China's high-end precision machinery parts design and processing level, and promote the application of China's CNC equipment and domestic CNC machine and development.