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Forklift truck AGV applied to the loading and unloading production line

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-06-01 source: Internet

Forklift AGV is an abbreviation of "Automated Guided Vehicle", which means "automatic guided transport vehicle", which means that it is equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guide device, it can travel along a prescribed guide path, with safety protection and various movements. The Forklift AGV is a category of wheeled mobile robots (WMR-Wheeled Mobile Robot).

AGV is mainly used in the manufacturing industry for the handling of production line materials, the transfer of goods between warehouses and warehouses, and assembly work as a mobile platform on the production line.

forklift agv

Forklift AGV trolleys mainly work in the entire production line, replacing the original form of small trains and artificial hauling, and transporting production materials. Danbach Forklift  AGV lurks under the trolley and uses the tow bar to lift automatically. It can hook the car that has been filled with the whole chair parts. It can carry 500 kilograms of material for a single time without additional manual handling. At the same time, because there is no friction between the skip and the ground, there is no noise! ​​Its joining is a major result of the factory's active implementation of digital corporate projects, which has greatly improved the material transportation of the factory.

We can imagine that when we walk into the bright and spacious factory workshop, where no one is noisy, but surrounded by flowing water and green trees, Forklift  AGV trolleys systematically transport materials and orderly assembly products on the assembly line. The result for us is that the work is efficient, stable, and the total cost is low.