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Forklift AGV as Mobile Workbench in Assembling and Processing System

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-05-23 source: Internet

Whether it is express delivery or the development of the internal logistics of the manufacturing industry, AGV plays a decisive role in the logistics system and corporate benefits. For enterprises, an automated and intelligent warehousing system can bring good economic benefits to the company. It not only improves the logistics level and logistics operation efficiency, but also reduces the labor intensity of the staff and reduces the operating costs. Practical, advanced and efficient.

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In intelligent storage centers, almost no one can see people. What's more worth mentioning is that the intelligent storage system can fully dock with the production management system and forklift truck AGV system to realize optimized order execution, intelligent analysis of shelf heat, precise management of inventory And other value-added services. After the products are delivered to the library, they are connected to people, vehicles, and goods through an intelligent management platform, so as to achieve logistics command and dispatch, tracking and monitoring, and collaborative operations.

With the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, AGV carts are not only automated, but are also used as mobile workstations in assembly or flexible processing systems. Forklift AGV is both a mobile carrier and a working platform in the production process. AGV can complete product assembly between work stations in the workflow by manual, automatic, and call. When AGV reaches the worksite, the operator only needs to AGV car assembly on the product. Forklift AGV mobile workbench production flexibility is very high, production tasks can be replaced at any time according to production needs, improve the efficiency and safety and reliability of the transfer load assembly process, reduce production costs and save floor space.