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Danbach CNC robotic arm machine operation precautions

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-06-04 source: Internet

CNC robots are generally used as additional devices for machine tools or other machinery, such as automatic machine tools or automatic production lines for loading and unloading and transferring workpieces, and changing tools in machining centers. There is generally no independent control device. In general, it is inevitable that a CNC robotic arm machine needs maintenance during its use. Therefore, in order to avoid some dangerous accidents before or during maintenance, the following safety regulations need to be kept in mind.

cnc robotic arm

1. Before inspection, please turn off the power.

2. Turn off the power of the injection molding machine and robot and remove the residual pressure of the CNC robotic arm machine tool robot before adjustment and maintenance.

3. In addition to proximity switches, suction clamps, and solenoid valve failures, they should be overhauled. Others should be trained by trained personnel. Otherwise, do not change them.

4. Please do not replace or change the original parts arbitrarily.

5. During the adjustment or replacement of the mold, please pay attention to safety so as not to be hit by the CNC machine robot.

6. After completing the adjustment or maintenance of the robot arm, leave the hazardous work area before testing.

7. Do not turn on the power or connect air pressure to the CNC robotic arm machine robot during maintenance.

At present, the application of numerical control robots is very wide, so many companies are worried about whether it is difficult to operate the robots of CNC machines. Whether or not to recruit professional technicians will increase the company’s personnel costs. In fact, after the purchase of the CNC machine tool robot, generally during the debugging process, the CNC robotic arm machine tool robot manufacturer will also train the operator of the CNC robotic arm machine enterprise to the row of technical personnel.

It is easy to learn and the training time is very short to get started. Therefore, enterprises need not worry that Danbach, as a robot manufacturer of intelligent numerical control machine tools, reminds the operator here that during the operation process, the operator must strictly follow the training and operation manual to avoid the loss of the machine.