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AGV robot works efficiently in Clothing industry

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-07-31 source: Internet

In general, an unmanned agv robot is a transport vehicle that can be safely protected and has various transfer functions. In industrial applications, the driver's van is not required, and a rechargeable battery is used as a power source. Among them, the guiding methods are: electromagnetic induction, laser guidance, magnets, etc., which can travel along a prescribed guiding path. The AGV robot application in the apparel industry is more extensive.

clothing industry agv robot

We all know that the production enterprises in the garment industry use the assembly line operation, and the cooperation and transformation of the unmanned agv vehicles with the traditional production lines have realized the combination of point-to-point access and handling operations. The unmanned agv robot can walk along the programmed path to complete the production task, and can be associated with the production management control system, the automated logistics system and the information automation control system to realize the real-time monitoring of the information circulation and production operations. The advantages of high efficiency, flexibility, safety and controllability shorten the product circulation time, reduce material loss, reduce floor space, reduce construction investment, and greatly improve the work efficiency of the garment industry.

The storage of products in the garment industry takes up a lot of space, and requires a lot of manpower and material resources when carrying. The unmanned agv robot has the characteristics of long-term work reliability and good stability. The unmanned van agv robot has truly realized the liberation of human labor, and has an irreplaceable advantage in safeguarding personal safety, reducing labor intensity and improving labor productivity.