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Carton palletizing robot integrated packaging production line system

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-06-26 source: Internet

Carton palletizing robots are used to palletize and unpack palletized products. The structure of the bag-mounted palletizing robot is simple and easy to operate; the palletizing speed is high and the positioning is accurate; it can be applied in many industries.

palletizing robot

The robot packing unit can pack the finished bottles, boxes, barrels, and cans into the carton. At the same time, the cartons that have been loaded into the containers are placed on the pallets and pallets (wooden and plastic) according to a certain arrangement. Automatic stacking can be carried out. The stacking can be carried out in multiple layers, and then it can be launched to facilitate transportation from the forklift to the warehouse for storage.
Palletizing robot application range

Bag-packing palletizing robots are specifically designed to palletize and unpack palletized products. Carton palletizing robots are used more often in food, feed, cement, and other bags.

1, using high-quality steel casting body, long service life;

2, equipment specifications, size can be customized;

3, fixture material, specifications, size can be customized;

4, palletizing, depalletizing work can be manual, semi-automatic, automatic control;

5, palletizing work accuracy, high sensitivity.

Automatic palletizing palletizing robots is an integrated system that includes industrial robots, controllers, programmers, robot grippers, automatic disassembly/stacking machines, pallet transport and positioning equipment, and palletizing mode software. It can also be configured with automatic weighing, labeling and inspection and communication systems, and connected with the production control system to form a complete carton integrated packaging production line.