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The advantages of Danbach Backpack AGV

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-06-26 source: Internet

The piggy-back smart AGV ( Backpack AGV ) cart is used to carry pallets, racks, bins, and other cargoes on the body of the AGV, or to pull the skips at the tail of the AGV. The magnetic stripe guides the AGV to select destinations by identifying the landmarks. The car runs smoothly and is suitable for production systems with frequent transportation and long material supply cycles.

backpack agv

The advantages and features of piggyback smart AGV:

1. Backpack smart AGV independently researches and develops the latest advanced ultra-low power microcylinder technology to complete the loading and unloading of cages or tooling trucks. The modular design is more compact, simple, and quieter. Compared with the traditional AGV, the top PIN positioning speed is relatively high. 50% increase, reliability and security are greatly improved;

2. Backpack smart AGV independent research and development of the latest advanced ultra-low power micro-electric cylinder technology to complete the loading and unloading cage or loading vehicle, user-friendly design, high-strength materials, sophisticated manufacturing processes, quality, safety and reliability, carrying objects solid;

3. The backpack-type smart AGV is equipped with a loading and unloading guide and positioning device for loading and unloading, which is more efficient when loaded in manual mode and eliminates the risk of misplaced loading.