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The wide application of autonomous agv cars

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-07-20 source: Internet

It is currently the most widely used in manufacturing and storage. The assembly type AGV is used on the assembly line, combined with the assembly process to achieve the operation requirements of workpiece movement, positioning, etc., and is most widely used in automobile manufacturing assembly. The towing AGV does not carry or does not fully carry the weight of the treated object, but only provides traction for the processing object. Generally, there are drag-type AGV and submerged AGV. In material handling, the semi-finished products are most widely used for transportation.

 autonomous agv car
AGV car was first used in the warehousing industry and has grown in the field of automobile production. Now widely used in automotive, home appliances electronics, tobacco, clothing and textiles, medicine, food, chemicals, electricity, ports, e-commerce warehousing and other industries. From the perspective of AGC sales, the automotive industry accounted for more than 60% of the total, and the home appliance manufacturing industry accounted for about 25%. Among them, the application of 3C industry has risen steadily compared with last year, and the use and promotion of robots in 3C industry is in its infancy. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize the rapid development of intelligent logistics in the e-commerce express industry, and the rise of the Forklift stacking agv intelligent handling robots and the large number of applications that drive storage.
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Among these several guiding methods, magnetically guided AGV has the most applications and the technology is relatively mature. Among them, the application of laser-guided AGV is the fastest growing. Since the laser-guided AGV without reflector is more flexible and convenient than the magnetically guided AGV, it is expected to surpass the magnetically guided AGV to become the most widely used. Inertial guidance AGV is currently the most used in e-commerce storage, and is the most promising AGV guidance technology. Composite guidance refers to the combination of multiple guidance techniques to achieve the perfect guidance of the Forklift stacking agv. Since each guiding method has its limitations, in order to meet the needs, the above guiding methods can be used in combination.