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Fully automated guided AGV work efficiently

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-11-01 source: Internet

As a branch of the Mobile Robot, the main feature of the Danbach AGV is automatic guidance. With the development of various technologies, the guidance technology of AGV has also been continuously improved. At present, commonly used guiding methods include: electromagnetic guidance, tape guidance, ribbon guiding, laser guiding, inertial guidance, visual guidance, GPS guidance, coordinate guidance, and the like.

automated guided agv

Fully automatic AGV product advantages:

high working efficiency;

high degree of automation;

Avoid manual operation and low error rate;

Charging automation;

Convenient and reduce floor space;

The cost is relatively low;

Beautiful, enhance the appreciation and enhance the image of the company.

At present, the fully automatic AGV technology represented by European and American countries pursues the complete automation of AGV, almost no manual intervention, complicated path planning and production process, and can be applied to almost all handling occasions. These AGVs are fully functional and technologically advanced. The range of products covers a wide range of driving modes, various guiding methods, and various transfer mechanisms. The load capacity of the series products can range from 50kg to 60,000kg.