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Advantages and Disadvantages of Spot/Arc Welding Robots and Joint Robots

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-05-28 source: Internet

Automatic welding robots are not only the general term for spot welding robots and arc welding robots, but also include rectangular coordinate robots, cylindrical coordinate robots, full-joint robots, and spherical coordinate robots. Since they all belong to automatic welding robots, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two devices?

arc welding robot

1.Spot welding robot

The most common area of application is the automotive industry. When assembling each car body, a large percentage of solder joints are completed by robots. However, when the spot welding robot first emerged, it was only used to enhance the welding operation. Later, in order to ensure the accuracy of the splicing, it began to allow it to complete the positioning welding operation.

2. Arc welding robot

Since the arc welding process has long been popular in many industries, the arc welding robot is widely used as an automatic welding robot in many industries such as general machinery and metal structures. In arc welding operations, the welding torch should track the bead movement of the workshop and continuously fill the metal to form the weld. Therefore, the stability of the speed and the accuracy of the trajectory during the movement are two important indicators.

6 dof welding robot

3. Full-joint welding robot

Full-joint automatic welding robot has all the advantages of compactness, flexibility, small footprint, large working space, and high linear velocity of the end-effector, but its position and attitude are all achieved by rotational motion. Difficult to control high precision.