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AGV warehousing robot with a predetermined path

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-04-26 source: Internet

When we talk about warehousing robots, the most mentioned is the AGV. The AGV refers to the Automated guided vehicle and is an integral part of the Automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS). The warehousing robot system AGVS includes infrastructure, data transmission equipment, equipment for locating and determining position, guidance control system and several automatic guided vehicles AGV, etc. It is a ground-based material handling system whose main task is Material transportation, not personnel.

agv warehousing robot

The storage robot is divided into two categories: operator control and automatic control according to whether it is controlled by the operator: operator control can be divided into operator direct control and operator remote control; automatic control can be divided into two types: predetermined path and unscheduled path. . What we are currently discussing is mainly the AGV of the predetermined path, which is a ground-based material handling device that is automatically controlled and guided by a non-contact guiding system.

The AGV of the predetermined route is mainly composed of safety devices (emergency stop button, laser radar, safety PLC, safety speed module), control device, load handling device, drive device, battery and motor.