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The main application areas of AGV robots

Author: DANBACH Date: 2019-04-28 source: Internet

The AGV is a mobile transport that manually or automatically loads goods or workpieces onto the vehicle, automatically travels to a designated location, and then removes the cargo or workpiece. It can be used in many fixed or unfixed transport applications.

Although e-commerce has greatly promoted the development of AGV, the main application area of ​​AGV is still manufacturing. The intelligent factory of Reni is inseparable from AGV robots. Large unmanned factories and light-off factories must have AGV. Small, scattered and scattered small manufacturing workshops can also see the use of AGV. Therefore, what kind of Manufacturing and production environments, as long as there is a place to move, can not do without AGV robots.

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At present, AGV robots have matured into E-commerce express warehouse sorting, automotive, tobacco, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, printing, 3C electronics, post offices, libraries, port terminals and airports, hazardous locations, special industries and various types of manufacturing. In the industry.

Taking the automotive industry as an example, the wide application of AGV in the automotive industry has driven a new revolution in China's domestic automobile production model. With the development of industrial informatization, the automotive industry's intelligent demand for manufacturing equipment is rising. AGV robots can adapt to the trend of development, flexibility, intelligence, and informationization of modern automobile manufacturing technology. The production organization, information management and logistics technology of the assembly have achieved a qualitative leap.