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AGV forklift truck trolley efficient automated handling equipment

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-07-20 source: Internet

In the field of logistics handling robots, the AGV forklift truck trolley is an intelligent, unmanned robot. At present, Danbach AGV trolleys are widely used in manufacturing, port terminals, automobiles, aerospace, heavy industry, etc. More and more enterprises in China are paying attention to the application of AGV cars, and some simple and repetitive handling work is left to it. Upon completion, the Danbach AGV trolley assists the efficient logistics of the company.

agv forklift truck
For the logistics industry, the AGV forklift truck car is an important equipment for enterprise automation upgrade, because the AGV car is the highest level of logistics automation, covering almost all logistics equipment technology.
Compared with other complex and large systems, the AGV system is the first choice for e-commerce logistics, which is well deserved. In the manufacturing logistics industry, AGV has many new applications, such as AGV forklift truck on fixed tray stretch packaging equipment, which eliminates the need to install tray drive belts, which improves plant safety and reduces labor costs. And eliminate damage caused by human error and product and transportation.
In the e-commerce warehouse, the AGV forklift truck trolley is suitable for placing the courier box, and the warehouse handling robot automatically drives to the picker's side under the command of the system. After the picker confirms the goods he needs, the AGV forklift truck robot will automatically go to the next picker. When the current side encounters an obstacle, or someone suddenly appears in front, the warehouse handling robot can freely plan the route, or suddenly stop, waiting for the obstacle to move away and then move forward.