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AGV Technology Core - AGV Drive Guidance System

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-07-02 source: Internet

AGV is usually composed of AGV body, drive unit, guide unit, and control system. According to the definition of AGV, autonomous operation is the basic function of AGV. Therefore, the drive guidance system is the core part of AGV and is also the core of current AGV technology.

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An economical modular AGV drive unit that modularizes the guidance and drive system of the AGV to achieve mass production of AGV core components, effectively reducing the technical difficulty and development time of the AGV system, and only requiring attention to various industries during the development of the project. The different characteristics of AGV systems are quickly applied to their respective production practices.
The modular magnetic guide AGV has a drive unit for guiding, driving, steering and buffering functions. The modular magnetic guidance AGV fuzzy control technology, the use of the drive unit and its embedded motion controller has successfully developed an assembled modular magnetic guidance AGV.
The drive guidance function is a basic function that every AGV must possess. According to different application occasions, the specific auxiliary functions of each system AGV are different. Therefore, according to all necessary functions of the AGV, the AGV drive and guide technology is modularized, and it is of great significance to design an AGV drive unit with a drive guidance function.