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Danbach mini compact and practical QR code AGV car

Author: DANBACH Date: 2018-10-19 source: Internet

Danbach AGV trolley trackless intelligent transport vehicle two-dimensional code inertial navigation AGV With the rise of enterprise labor costs and labor shortages, the only way for enterprises to face high labor costs is to increase labor productivity, therefore, more and more The company turned its attention to the AGV. At present, China's automated production, warehousing and transportation continue to advance, and more and more domestic enterprises use AGV, and the demand for AGV market is increasing day by day.

Introducing a compact and practical AGV for the simple and light material handling in the factory. The product specification is only 900mmx700mmx380mm, the total load can reach 500-1000 kg, and the running speed can reach 80M/min.

qr code agv

The QR code AGV Robot is a modern intelligent warehouse handling robot developed by Ou Wei. It is the fastest storage robot in South China. The Elf robot uses inertial two-dimensional code navigation, which is not only small and flexible, but also has high precision and high speed. It has the ability to automatically avoid obstacles, freely plan routes, maintain posture and other powerful functions. According to the order, the elf can carry the shelves where the goods are located from the huge warehouse storage area to the employee processing area, greatly improving the processing efficiency. Using the elf can increase storage capacity by nearly 50%.

Danbach robot manufacturers launched this product, because the handling of some small and medium-sized enterprises in the market due to site restrictions or the weight of the load itself is not high, the use of larger AGV appears to be overkill, and QR code navigation AGV. It makes better use of existing sites, making handling easier and more flexible.