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Manufacturing enterprises on the transformation of intelligent logistics system is imperative

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

With the intelligent manufacturing strategy continues to advance, the factory's intelligent transformation is also steadily advancing, in the process of manufacturing enterprises on the transformation of intelligent logistics system is imperative.
The transformation of intelligent logistics system not only can support the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the strategy, but also can optimize and improve the operating cost by improving the efficiency of logistics and distribution in the background of slowing economic growth and the relocation of national manufacturing industry The
On the current situation, information, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies in China's application, the enterprise logistics procurement, transportation, warehousing, distribution and other logistics aspects of the information operation has achieved certain results.
But the management system mechanism is not perfect, the degree of wisdom is low, the logistics information standard system is not perfect, the wisdom of logistics professionals lack of problems and the old ideas and the impact of funds seriously restricts the vast majority of our enterprise wisdom logistics further development.
In the demographic dividend gradually disappear in the environment, the global manufacturing industry is ushering in a new round of upgrade opportunities. How to achieve the seamless integration of logistics and information flow is all walks of life manufacturing enterprises to keep up with the pace of upgrading the inevitable face of the key and difficult. Logistics as part of the supply chain, the future of intelligent logistics must be to the "wisdom of the supply chain" extension, through information technology, the implementation of business flow, logistics, information flow, capital flow of the integrated operation, the market, industry, business, personal Together, to achieve intelligent management and intelligent life.