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Logistics industry into the intelligent era

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

In recent years, "Industry 4.0" has become one of the hottest terms in the manufacturing industry. Intelligent logistics as one of the concepts of industrial 4.0 concept, naturally also by the industry's attention. With the popularity of online shopping, express traffic surge, the traditional logistics has been unable to cope with the massive purchase of online shopping, coupled with the high cost of traditional express, intelligent logistics has become the mainstream of the development of express logistics industry trends.

With the "Internet +" development, express logistics industry into the intelligent era, intelligent logistics is currently in a rapid development stage. China's intelligent logistics market presents a number of giants competition situation, and with the power of the giant's entry into the logistics platform for their integration, the future will have more capital intervention, the industry will usher in the strategic development opportunities.
According to the forward-looking industry research institute released the "China's intelligent logistics industry market demand forecast and investment analysis report" data show that in 2015 China's intelligent logistics equipment market capacity reached 68.4 billion yuan in 2016 to 86.2 billion yuan, is expected in 2018 will reach 136 billion Yuan, the annual growth rate of more than 20%.
Mentioned the concept of "smart logistics", most people think that is the warehouse robot, it is not. Intelligent logistics is the use of integrated intelligent technology, so that the beginning of the commodity from the implementation of tracking and management, to achieve faster than the real flow of information, is the connection supply, manufacturing and customer an important part. Therefore, many manufacturers questioned: how can the intelligent logistics into the intelligent production to go?
As an important part of industrial 4.0, intelligent logistics can intelligentize the logistics process, use information interaction as the main line, use bar code, radio frequency identification, sensor, global positioning and other advanced Internet of things technology, integrated automation, information technology, artificial intelligence technology, Through the integration of information, the whole process of logistics optimization and resource optimization, so that the transport of goods, warehousing, distribution, packaging, loading and unloading and other aspects of automated operation and efficient management.
Not only that, relying on automated management technology, intelligent logistics can also effectively improve the enterprise's market resilience and competitiveness, to provide customers with fast, convenient and accurate services, while reducing costs and reduce the consumption of natural resources and social resources.
At present, intelligent logistics is in a rapid development stage, according to the relevant data show that intelligent logistics in the tobacco industry the most widely used. Intelligent logistics penetration rate of more than 46%, higher than the national average of 20%, followed by the pharmaceutical, automotive industry. With the improvement and development of intelligent logistics, the future in the machinery manufacturing, food and beverage, retail has a great demand, especially in the field of intelligent logistics business applications, the future will maintain 100% of the express growth.