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Agricultural robots are taking over the farms around the world

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

Agricultural robots
Agricultural robots

According to foreign media reports, all along, agriculture is the survival of mankind, from slash and burn to iron plow cattle farming, and now to the large-scale mechanized production, agricultural production methods are constantly changing. Now, with the popularity of automation, intelligent robots are gradually entering our lives, and the corresponding agricultural robots are taking over the farms around the world.
In Spain, octopus robots pick up strawberries from the field, and in the United States, robots pick and pack an apple from the tree; in the UK, robots can feed milking cows. In the world, there are already all kinds of agricultural robots to help people picking, weeding, fertilization, milking, grazing and other labor. Last week, the British Food and Rural Affairs Secretary-General Andrea Leadsom even thought that robots could replace thousands of EU workers.
But is it true that intelligent robots are coming, completely replacing workers for field labor?