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China's rapid development of the robot application market

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

China's rapid development of the robot application market, industry analysts predict that in 2017 China's robot sales will reach 102,000 units. But at the same time, low-level terminal manufacturers competition and investment overheating and other issues, will hinder the upgrading of industrial competitiveness.
From 2013 onwards, China's industrial robot technology is developing rapidly, mainly due to the national policy support, macroeconomic promotion, social environment, technology development support these four aspects.
As labor costs increase, people are forced to start using robots to replace humans for production. At the same time, due to some of our key core components gradually domestic, for low-end robot has achieved the core components of the localization, coupled with the emergence of new technologies, will promote the further development of robot technology.
In the application industry, the largest application industry in the field of automotive manufacturing, it accounted for 38.7%, while the domestic data is larger, close to 50% are used in the field of automobile manufacturing.
It is understood that the four major automobile production process and the production of key automotive parts need industrial robots to participate. In the automobile body production, a large number of die-casting, welding, testing and other applications, which are currently involved in the completion of industrial robots, especially the welding line, a welding line there are a large number of industrial robots, the degree of automation is quite high.
On the other hand, in the production of automotive interior parts, you need to weaken the robot robot, foam robot, the final product cutting robot. Automotive body spray because of heavy workload, strong, usually will use industrial robots instead. Therefore, the completion of a car manufacturing, the need for a considerable number of robots, industrial robots have become the key to the production of intelligent equipment.
The industrial robot in the power / electronics industry in recent years the application of growth is also very fast, has now reached about 21%, and this ratio is expected to further improve. Especially in the country, the production capacity of electronic products accounted for about 60% -70% of the world. Therefore, in China's power / electronics industry, the application of industrial robots will have a greater market.
Industrial robot technology is the representative of advanced manufacturing technology, is the national industrial competitiveness of the concentrated expression, at present, China has become the largest industrial robot market. Although the market demand is very strong, but also brought some signs of overheating industry. Overall, China's industrial robot key technology in the world is still relatively backward, many key components also need to rely on imports.
China's current robot industry, the focus of the development of the domestic industry as many as twenty provinces, there are more than 40 robot industrial park. In the past two years, the number of robot manufacturing enterprises has grown from less than 300 to more than 800, and the number of industrial chain companies has exceeded 4,000. At present, China's robot industry there is a certain degree of overheating and low-level redundant construction, blindly launched in many areas exist.
In addition, the experts pointed out that how the number, speed type into quality, connotation type, is the current development of the local robot industry the problem. At the same time, local support policies in promoting the development of the industry at the same time, also induced duplication, vicious competition and other issues, resulting in uneven product quality, weakening the user's confidence in the use of autonomous robots. Therefore, China's industrial robot industry to build bigger and stronger, but also to solve many problems.