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Robot is a multidisciplinary system

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

"Robot is a multidisciplinary system, from the laboratory technology to truly achieve the industrialization of the leap, the need for hardware and software to integrate a variety of different technologies." Experts pointed out that improving the quality of talent is the fundamental source of the development of the robot industry.
"Development of the robot industry, not to catch the outlet, but to attack 'mark', select the industry's bottleneck to break through." Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Equipment Industry Secretary for the proposed.
The people of Quanzhou City Committee proposed to scientific layout and nurture the city's robot industry, a reasonable layout of the robot industry innovation headquarters, robot industry innovation research base and industrial park, to speed up the construction of public technology platform; the establishment of the robot industry to guide the development of funds, Robot industry development projects; cultivate high-end talent, build the robot industry investment and financing platform, relying on key universities, post-doctoral workstations and other innovative platforms to promote key enterprises and high-growth enterprises to speed up the training of high-end talent.
It is understood that Quanzhou will support the development and production of robots, focusing on R & D robot support high-performance servo motor and drive and other key areas of technology development and system integration. At the same time, in the principles, structure, performance and other aspects of a major innovation in the robot according to their R & D investment subsidies.
For low-level redundant construction, the industry pointed out that to further integrate the industry's innovative resources to promote the robot industry into the high-end. Especially from strengthening the planning lead, to improve the access threshold, the development of industry standards and other aspects to prevent disorderly expansion, standardize the development of the industry.