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More and more industries are widely used in robots

Author: DANBACH Date: 2017-05-19 source: Internet

"A robot can complete the equivalent of three skilled workers a day." Road (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd. technical center, said the company has hundreds of robots.
Industrial robot manufacturing has become a major highlight of the Xiamen Industrial Fair, a number of industrial robot manufacturers have said that since the beginning of this year, orders increased significantly, the factory is to further expand production.
In the field of industry, from the Chinese manufacturing to China intellectual transformation is imminent, in this context, the government focused on promoting the transformation of traditional manufacturing and upgrading. On the other hand, in recent years, in the face of recruitment problems, more and more enterprises to implement the "machine for work", and promote the development of the robot industry.
In 2016, Fujian Province, the implementation of "machine trade" about 5150 sets, "machine trade" technical transformation of the promotion to the industry production organization has brought revolutionary changes. At present, the average annual growth rate of industrial robots in Xiamen is over 20%. Although the robot industry in Xiamen is still in the cultivation period, smaller, but faster growth. In particular, enterprises in the transformation and upgrading have to upgrade the smart equipment, "machine trade" as the focus of technological transformation.
Prior to this, Xiamen, a technology company released a smart education robot, the concern is that although the product is available for the first time, but the company has completed two rounds of financing, valuation of several hundred million yuan.
Intelligent manufacturing is for all walks of life to bring profound changes throughout the continuous improvement of the level of technical equipment at the same time, through the "machine workers" to promote the traditional industries for intelligent manufacturing. Xiamen bathroom industry in the forefront of the industry, last year the whole industry through intelligent transformation to achieve product transformation and upgrading, a total of 20% of human resources, improve work efficiency 6 to 9 times; clothing industry to enhance the customer experience using intelligent terminals, personalized custom, outdoor sports supplies Application of GPS satellite positioning, 3D dressing mirror, etc., led the industry's sustainable development ......
Analysis of the industry, China's manufacturing industry mostly labor-intensive, with the structural shortage of labor and labor costs rose sharply to robot as the representative of the smart equipment market demand surge. At present, China has a number of powerful robot-related enterprises. 2016 Quanzhou robot and its parts industry sales income of about 20 billion yuan, the emergence of the number of China, Jiatai and a number of enterprises with greater development potential.
In addition, intelligent manufacturing will bring opportunities for the equipment and software industry, robots, sensors, industrial software, 3D printing and so contains a huge market capacity.